Privacy Policy

As a psychotherapist, I am bound by law to inform you about the data I hold about you. I am registered with the ICO to maintain lawful data protection and you can request further information about this from the ICO and me.

I hold data about you gathered from our assessment session and initial enquiry. This will include your name, date of birth, address, GP, phone number and email address. I hold this information for therapeutic and safety purposes, in paper form, which I store in a lockable filing cabinet, in my locked therapy room, within a locked and alarmed building. Your phone number, name and email is saved on a smartphone with passcode enabled, and on my laptop which is password enabled.

Session notes are in paper form, which I use for my own reflection of my work, and within supervision, and I use first names only. Session notes are kept locked in my therapy room. Appointments are written in my paper diary using first names only.

My invoices are stored in an online facility, with a company who do not have access to my accounts and comply with the GDPR. Your name may be visible in my business bank statements, which I store in paper form for tax purposes.

As a professional psychotherapist and member of UKCP, I take confidentiality seriously. All verbal or written information will remain confidential, except

  • Where you indicate at any time that you intend to harm yourself, harm anybody else or be involved in any criminal act.
  • If there is any indication that a child may be harmed or activities taking place that contravene The Children Act 1989 or its amendments.
  • If my notes are subpoenaed by a court of law.
  • For the purposes of ongoing supervision. (Anonymous excerpts may be used within academic essays, for research or in the publication of academic work).

I store data for three years and will destroy your data unless our therapy work is ongoing or you wish for me to keep your details.