Covid-19 - Safe Planing

As we prepare to get back to a new normal, the need for therapy has never been more urgent and while on-line is a great option, many of us are looking forward to returning to face to face, but in as safe a way as possible. You may also want to continue virtual therapy but in a safe, professional space with a strong connection and total privacy.

I have always taken care to create a beautiful, thoughtful therapy space. My room is situated within a serviced office building with a comprehensive Covid Safe plan, that will help provide you with reassurance, allowing your visit to begin at this new higher standard.

The therapy room is set up with physical distancing between the seating furniture. Sanitiser is available in the room and building and allowing for complete physical distancing throughout. On my floor near to my therapy room is a bathroom for handwashing on arrival and on departure.

My therapy room has a hospital quality HEPA air purifier which is designed to remove airborne particle pollution, including viruses such as covid 19, mould and pollen, all enhancing clean air ventilation. There is also a window in the room.

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